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Bringing together an experienced team of diverse thinkers is reflected in our company by fusing a modern way of working with international creative talents.  


Marco Montes

Marco Montes

Social Media Copywriter

Marco doesn't eat fruits. At all. But whatever the topic is, he will write it best. 

Nelly Shulman

Nelly Shulmann

Editor & Writer

Nelly is always inspirational and eager to find the best languages for the client needs in any industry. 

Oxana Zeitler, vision2brand, Personal Branding, Reputation Management, Social Media Consulting, Personal Branding

Oxana Zeitler

Founder & Brand Strategist

Oxana loves traveling and testing local food with us, as well as she enjoys creating successful strategies.

Fee Strowitzki

Fee Strowitzki

Research & Monitoring

Fee has run a marathon. She knows how to stay focused and how to overcome obstacles to reach a goal.

Susie Meyer

Susie Meyer

Communication Consultant

Susie loves acting and her innate ability to communicate with people brings always the best to the table. 

Nikola Werner

Nikola Werner

Content Manager


Nicola is crazy about social media and passionate about delivering great content in the right channels. 

Michael Arencibia

Michel Arencibia

Senior Art Director

Michel loves dancing and is known for outstanding and customer focused design.

Martina Tringaki

Martina Tringaki

Project Manager

Martina is the most patient person you will meet, always focused and entirely organized. 


We deliver professional advice on how to position, build, and promote a personal brand, with a proven track record of high-profile corporate engagement.


We help our clients to reach stronger visibility and to acquire a distinct voice.  


We have an international background, and whether some of us in our coworking space in Berlin or working in Lisbon for a while, we deliver high-quality results. One of our most valuable benefits is that we encourage agile methods, learn quickly from feedback, and shift course as needed, rather than adhering to a strict plan.



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