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Visibility lends to credibility. To be seen as a digital-savvy marketer and the 'human face' of the company is extremely valuable in the age of digitalization. 

Oxana Zeitler, vision2brand, Personal Branding, Reputation Management, Social Media Consulting, Personal Branding


Social media is a must-have tool for every leader since the customer journey is happing more and more through social media channels. If you're not there and not representing the DNA of your company and yourself, you risk missing out on the future.

We work with DAX30 clients as well as other powerhouse companies in Germany and promote high-profile individuals by using intelligent strategies.

Our focus is B2B, but we believe in the power of human communication like Bryan Kramer said: "There is no B2B or B2C: It's Human to Human #H2H." 


Mike Schwanke

Mike Schwanke

Working with Oxana is always vibrant, inspiring and fun. She is a communication expert with a strong digital background and a vast knowledge of corporate and high-level individual's strategies. 

Rainer Berghausen, Trumpf

Rainer Berghausen

I have known Oxana for many years, and I have always enjoyed exchanging ideas on digital topics as well as discussing concepts with her. She is always thinking outside the box and appreciates a robust dialogue. She has the courage to say when something is not right. 

Dr. Siebert, BASF

Dr. Max Siebert 

Oxana blends charisma with strategy and creativity. Her passion for business success drives everyone to aim higher --- always focusing on the right outcomes. 

Quentin Naylor, THG Ingenuity

Quentin Naylor

Getting to know Oxana and working with her is always a great pleasure: she is a hands-on strategic thinker,

a knowledgeable and pleasant business professional, who brings practical solutions to the fore. She openly creates new ideas and can help where strategy meets practical application.



The currency of the new economy is trust. Transforming a company digitally really means transforming a company culturally. It is no longer advisable to remain silent on your values, business decisions, and social stance as a top executive.

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