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2020 Global Trends in Reputation

What is on the mind of corporate reputation leaders?

1. Higher purpose

Companies need to deliver on a corporate brand purpose and embrace cultural values, at an emotional level that transcends the products and services they sell.

2. Data privacy

Cyber and data breaches are an everyday reality and a growing threat for all major companies.

3. Responsible investing

Considering ethical and environmental concerns before making financial decisions.

4. Impact of technology

AI, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and drones are impacting consumers and businesses.

5. Climate change

Countries, governments, and businesses are expected to protect and manage their impact on environmental change.

6. Influencers

Stakeholders and individuals who have extraordinary influence on public opinion and reputation, who may be private individuals, politicians, or subject matter experts.

7. Mistrust of big institutions

The public’s mistrust and the questioning of the integrity of big institutions such as businesses, governments, and media.

8. Sustainability and responsible sourcing

There is an expectation that companies source materials responsibly and minimize environmental impact through their supply chain.

9. CEO activism

CEOs of major companies are increasingly taking a public

stand on political, social, and values-based issues, and are

not just concerned about their bottom lines.

10. Equality, diversity, and inclusiveness

Businesses are judged based on the demographic profile (gender, ethnicity, race, etc.) of their workforce.

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