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Always on is not enough for Gen Z

Always on is not enough for Gen Z. They spend more time online than any other generation, they also continue to look for easier, more natural ways to interface with all of the devices they use. This includes accessing the Internet with their voice, using tools such as Siri or Alexa, but also with gestures, and hand and finger movements on a touchscreen. 

Despite Gen Z’s eagerness to access the web using new methods and different devices, they still show a clear preference for a company’s website over a mobile app when making purchases. This fact held true across all generations, with Baby Boomers leading the pack at 85%, followed by Gen X (82%), Millennials (68%), and Gen Z (61%).

Interestingly members of Gen Z are highly purposeful and cautious when it comes to their personal brand and how they want it to appear online, more so than prior generations. Just as they are increasingly comfortable blending the digital and physical worlds in their own lives, this generation also sees our online reputations merging with offline consequences.

While they are the most digital generation in history, Gen Z values distinctly human traits like uniqueness, authenticity, creativity, and purpose. Perhaps that’s why Gen Z is fiercely committed to authenticity when considering the brands they use and buy.

This international study explores three key aspects of Gen Z’s relationship with digital: being online, buying online, and building online.

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