• Oxana Zeitler

6 Golden Rules For Millennial Visuals

1. Get Real

Try to visualize real customers and real situations that are spontaneous and upbeat while telling a story. Stay away from negative stereotypes and unnecessary visual


2. Capture the Moment

Try to imagine millennials as a generation captured by the moment. They want to travel; they want to see the world, live and experience new cultures, and meet new people from around the world. That is their time to fall in love and think about the significant commitments in life.

3. Experiment With Humor

Don't be afraid to have a laugh when you advertise to millennials. Your images should define the age groups you are advertising to through snappy, smart, and possibly abstract images that make us all laugh and smile.

4. Be Bright

People are often attracted to the brightest color they see. Like sport, they say the team with the brightest color will inevitably have a psychological edge.

5. Evoke Emotion

Using imagery to make your audience feel something can help your brand make its point. Rather than telling your audience what to think, next time, try using an image that will help them feel it instead.

6. Simplicity Sells

It's got to be minimal and straightforward. Tell your brand story in fewer words, using targeted images that focus on narrative and ideas.

(by Jonathon Davison, a visual and creative expert at EyeEm)