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Have You Got What It Takes To Be An Influencer?

The business world has adopted this term about the top movers and shakers, the people who are an inspiration to the community of followers and the trendsetters in the realm of business leadership. The recent article in Business Punk has identified the top ten influencers in the German-speaking business world:

All those people share their business insights and generate the buzz via the most popular professional networking platform - LinkedIn.

Tina Müller, the CEO of the Douglas Group, occupies third place in the table. She has been famous for quickly adapting to the demands of the industry, having changed the various sectors of business during the course of her career. In the heart of her development as a CEO lies a constant desire for transformation. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that one of her most popular posts was; indeed, about a digital transformation of the business.

Don't be hesitant in sharing with your readers the personal stories relating to your work and remember - the followers look to you for the inspiring leadership lesson!

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