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Less social is more social

According to the latest report by Hootsuite, 60% of us no longer trust social media networks.

The mistrust of the audience is manifested by a growing trend for the so-called 'e-detox' where social media addicts eschew for the electronic-free existence for a time.

The rise of the simple life trend, with the preference for zero-waste style, recycling, and emphasis on such pastimes as meditation and urban gardening calls for the real, not digital communication. People are looking to reconnect with who they are, go back to the basics, and if they are on social media, they want to be treated as individuals, not as demographics.

Interestingly, at LinkedIn, you can see growth in user and brand engagement. Due to the professional nature of LinkedIn, users experience a higher quality of conversation (e.g., less political arguing) and therefore it is currently one of the best opportunities to establish B2B community ties on a social media platform.

However, not quantity, quality counts. Treat your audience always as individuals and like your family.

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