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The Times Of Unapproachable CEOs Are Long Gone

If you think Twitter is just for President Donald Trump and for Jeff Bezos announcing his divorce, you are in for a surprise! Many top CEOs have been successfully using this platform for communicating with their followers and sharing new ideas. The limit on text length, imposed by Twitter, may seem restricting in the beginning, but the short, brief messages are more likely to grab the attention of your audience. Another advantage of Twitter is being able to post frequently without apearing a bore! A Twitter account might be a great tool if you're attending an exciting conference or presentation and want your clients or customers to feel the vibe.

Please take a look at a fantastic interaction between Apple CEO, Tim Cook, with an Apple customer, thanking the Apple Watch for saving the life of her husband.

The times of unapproachable CEOs are long gone, replaced by empathy and responsiveness.

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